The O'Brien Group

Based in Liverpool, England, the privately owned O’Brien Group (OBG) comprises several companies, each of which is a part of an OBG Division:

Plastics Division activities include the manufacture of plastics raw materials for use by plastics moulding and extruding companies, each formulated to meet particular industrial requirements; the moulding of a range of consumer products, owned by OBG; sub-contract plastics moulding for outside customers and the provision of a high-security, destruction and recycling service to the media industries.

Pharmaceuticals Division, in addition to the manufacturing and distributing, internationally, a broad portfolio of OBG owned generic and branded pharmaceutical products, provides a contract manufacturing, filling and packaging service to the Pharmaceutical, veterinary Healthcare and toiletry industries. Its customer list includes the names of leading High Street stores and internationally known Pharmaceutical Groups.

Industrial Process Additive Division provides technical sales expertise to principles of international standing, for whom they distribute a wide range of innovative raw materials for use as additives in various industrial processes. Industries served include those of Plastics, Rubber, Adhesives and sealants, ceramics, composites, Engineering, Healthcare, Inks, Paper, Textiles and Fibres, Thermoplastics, Thermosets and Urethane. Storage, Logistics and Distribution are also provided to ensure reliable delivery.