I feel here is the opportune time to remind you of the benefits and services offered by Polymer Recycling Ltd.

PRL, established in 1996 and created to meet a specific demand, has proven, through its service agreements with the media industry, and through its personal growth pattern, that it has and can continue to be, a media specific secure destruction route.

PRL still has the sole objective of offering a high security, environmental solution to the recycling of all media waste.

Over the years we have learned from the industry, taken its advice and continue to expand our working partnership with the public and private prison services, giving us the ability to take additional media configurations.

PRL has processed over 150 million discs and their associated packaging since conception, possibly a matchless declaration in itself: our unique process has a very low environmental impact using a non chemical procedure: our mechanical process allows the component plastics, as used by the differing sectors of the industry, to be recycled efficiently, with little or no detrimental impact on the environment, and with no known associated health issues for the recycling technicians. This is a most positive attribute of Polymer Recycling Ltd, its process and our sense of social and economic responsibility. 100% of our product is recycled ensuring that finite, expensive natural resources are preserved and reused time after time, and not left, tipped, to contaminate agricultural and industrial land, nor do we leave corrosive chemicals for decades, contaminating the water table.

80% of our recycled material is sold to the end user export market, ensuring the balance of payments is kept within the UK economy.

PRL is FACT accredited, and has a fully auditable process, resulting in a Certificate of Destruction negating any liability for royalty payments.

PRL continues to meet the economic challenges of the 21st Century, continues to offer the most efficient route of secure destruction, and continues, for those with a world view of their social and economic responsibilities, to be the only viable route.

PRL thank you for your continued support, for using this route to secure your destructions, and for your much valued sense of environmental responsibility.

With our best regards, and our promise of continued support to your industry.